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The U.S. Covert War on Venezuela in 2015
  • Arturo Rosales writing from Caracas , Axis of Logic

    Government Counter Offensive well underway Tuesday February 2nd was a fitting day to take enemy territory and prisoners in the ongoing media and economic war being waged against Venezuela, its government and people. This date, 16 years ago was when President Chávez was first sworn in as President in 1999... » read this article
  • Les Blough, Editor, TeleSUR Staff Writers , TeleSUR, Axis of Logic

    Editor's Comment: This shipment of new buses from China is only one of several received in Venezuela over the last couple of years. We received the last shipment of 900 buses in early 2014. Venezuela provides excellent bus service, locally and long distance. These new buses are put in service... » read this article
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