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The 2008 Election of Barack Obama
  • Patrick Martin , WSWS

    20 February 2012 President Barack Obama has taken credit for the record-setting profits of General Motors this week, after the largest US automaker reported it raked in $7.6 billion for 2011, the most ever, fueled largely by its North American operations, which accounted for $7.2 billion of the total. In... » read this article
  • Andrew Levine ,

    “Change We Can Believe In.”  Those fine words fooled a lot of people in 2008.  Now they stick in the craw even of Obama apologists for whom all the hopes dashed over the past three years are the fault of Tea Party-Republican obstructionists.  Expect to hear a billion dollars worth... » read this article
  • Barry Grey , WSWS

    10 September 2011 Following his speech before a joint session of Congress Thursday night, President Barack Obama on Friday launched his campaign to marshal public support for his American Jobs Act with a rally in Richmond, Virginia, the first in a series of such events to be held around the... » read this article
  • James Petras. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    Introduction On May 29, 2011, President Obama visited Joplin, Missouri, the site of a devastating tornado that killed 140 and pronounced it a terrible “tragedy”. But were the deaths the inevitable result of ‘natural events’ beyond the human intervention? Coincidentally the same week Afghan President Karzai condemned the killing of... » read this article
  • Interview with Alan J. Kuperman , RT Television

    President Obama said that Gaddafi's regime was going to cause a bloodbath in Libya. Professor Alan J Kuperman of the University at Texas argues, however, that the president's claims were exaggerated and that the civil war should be over by now. One month after they intervened, NATO and the US... » read this article
  • BAR executive editor Glen Ford , Black Agenda Report

    Whatever happens to Moammar Gaddafi, an independent Libya is not on the U.S. agenda. “Obama hopes to ‘stabilize’ Libya under indirect U.S. dominion through a kind of protectorate involving various ‘international’ entities, on the Haitian model.” The president’s doctrine of “humanitarian” warfare – like his rhetoric – is merely a... » read this article
  • Muamar el Qaddafi. Memri TV - Al Jazeera , Al Jazeera TV (Qatar), A Memri TV Project

    Editor's Note: For those who want to make any sense out of the current US/European attack on Libya, perhaps Qadaffi's speech on June 11, 2008, broadcast on Al Jazeera TV (Qatar) will help. - Les Blough, Editor //» read this article
  • Fidel Castro Ruz , Prensa Latina

    Saturday evening, the 19th, after a sumptuous banquet, NATO leaders ordered the attack on Libya. Of course, nothing could occur without the United States claiming its irrefutable role as supreme leader. From its command post of that institution in Europe, a senior official declared that "Odyssey Dawn" was about to... » read this article
  • Rebecca Ray , Center for Economic and Policy Research via Common Dreams

    President Obama has given little indication of the strategy for his upcoming trip through Chile, Brazil, and El Salvador. Will "the great listener" promote cooperation and understanding, or carry on the Bush administration’s approach of fighting against regional alliances? Words of Wisdom from Past Leaders Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks... » read this article
  • Richard Taylor , Southside Pride

    Editor's Note: The following excerpt from Obama's speech to the Chamber of Commerce on February 7 provides foundation for the essay that follows, written by Richard Taylor is a retired economics and history teacher in Minnesota. - LMB "This brings me to the final responsibility of government: breaking down some... » read this article
  • Patrick Martin , WSWS

    15 January 2011 President Obama’s Wednesday night speech at a memorial service for the victims of the Tucson massacre has been hailed by all sections of the corporate-controlled media, both liberal and conservative. Its main theme—opposing any political analysis of the attempted assassination of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords—has become the... » read this article
  • Bill Van Auken , WSWS

    7 January 2011 The Obama administration's decision to deploy another 1,400 US Marines in Afghanistan is the harbinger of a far bloodier war and a further indication that there will be no honoring of the president's December 2009 pledge to begin drawing down US forces next July. Despite the superficial... » read this article
  • Bill Van Auken , WSWS

    17 December 2010 The Obama administration’s review of its strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan produced the predictable conclusion that the war and occupation will go on indefinitely, despite mass opposition from the American people. That is the core message of the perfunctory five-page statement that was presented Thursday. Obama delivered... » read this article
  • Michael Collins , The Money Party

    (Washington) President Barack Obama has confided his plans to become a registered Republican some time before the end of the lame-duck session of the 111th Congress. Speaking to his inner circle, he lamented failing to bring the two major parties together. One of his confidants reported Obama saying, "It's really... » read this article
  • Patrick Martin , WSWS

    4 November 2010 With nearly complete results now available for Tuesday’s federal and state elections in the United States, both the scale and the contradictions of the Republican Party victory have become clear. The Republican Party gained about 60 seats in the House of Representatives, the largest increase for either... » read this article
  • Joseph Kishore , WSWS

    4 November 2010 Only a day after the midterm elections, the US media quickly coalesced around a narrative, accepted by everyone in the political establishment, that the victory of the Republican Party was a popular repudiation of the supposedly left-wing policies of the Obama administration. In his press conference on... » read this article
  • Ziyad Abu Ghanima. Translated by Ian Joseph Matthews , Watching America

    I am of the generation that can remember the period from 1821 through 1956, in which Egypt and the Sudan were one country. During that period the moniker “King of Egypt and the Sudan” was applied to the king of Egypt. Following the July 23, 1952 revolution that ended the... » read this article
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