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  • Franklin Lamb in Beirut. Al Manar. , Al - Manar

    Feltman Pledges Hezbollah Defeat in 2013 Parliamentary Campaign    One fellow who works at the Beirut US Embassy tells the story of how, each year around the time of the vernal equinox, since 2005 when Jeffrey Feltman became the American Ambassador (given Jeff’s domination of US Middle East Policy, he... » read this article
  • Adib S Karwar reports on speech by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Secretary General of Hezbollah , Axis of Logic

    Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah secretary general of Hezbollah in a speech in Baalbek – Lebanon on Saturday January 14th declared that he would like to thank Mr. Ban Ki Moon Secretary General of the United Nations for worrying about Hezbollah’s growing military strength. Sayyed Nasrallah on Arbaeen: "Our Certainty of this... » read this article
  • Brenda Heard. Moqawama , Moqawama

    Sometimes the timing is flagrant, like the recent commotion in Greece. In the very hours of forbidding the passage1 of the aid flotilla to Gaza, the financially strapped Greek government welcomed the approval of an €8.7 billion2 aid payment from the European Union. With Israels' position as an EU-groupie, even... » read this article
  • Brenda Heard. Friends of Lebanon , Friends of Lebanon

    The turmoil that has beleaguered the Middle East for decades has been described many ways. On the 5th of June, however, the terminology turned vulgar. This enduring conflict was publically characterised as a ‘war between the civilized man and the savage'. Boldly announced with a plea to ‘support "Israel"/defeat Jihad',... » read this article
  • HN/AKM , Press TV

    A Hezbollah MP says the group will name a capable personality to the head of Lebanon's future government after the collapse of the cabinet. On Thursday, Lebanese lawmaker Mohammad Raad, who heads the Lebanese resistance movement's parliamentary bloc, said the group is to nominate "a personality with a national resistance... » read this article
  • Bill Van Auken , WSWS

    14 January 2011 Lebanon’s misnamed “national unity” government fell Wednesday after the political bloc led by Hezbollah withdrew over the failure to reach an agreement on policy toward a United Nations probe into the 2005 assassination of former prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri. Underlying the government’s collapse are the growing social... » read this article
  • Esam Al-Amin , Intifada. Voice of Palestine

    18. Aug, 2010 On Valentine’s Day in 2005, former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri left in his motorcade along the seaside highway, cruising towards his mansion. As the motorcade slowed down in front of the St. George Hotel in downtown Beirut, a huge explosion of a parked Mitsubishi pick-up truck... » read this article
  • Rami G. Khouri , The Daily Star (Lebanon)

    Editor's comment: As is the case with France and their ban on the burqa, the real issue in this sad tale for Britain is the loss of their national sovereignty to the Zionist establishment in the UK and Israel. The global issue is Israel's aggression and press for war on... » read this article
  • Brenda Heard, founder/director, London , Friends of Lebanon

    Anniversaries measure time.  In one respect, they are an artificial concept.  We decide, for instance, that twenty-five years of marriage should be celebrated, but we ignore the subsequent days as merely marking the path to twenty-six years.  And reaching twenty-six years, though obviously a greater length of marriage, will not... » read this article
  • Cherifa Sirry in Egypt. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic, Naharnet, Washington Post

    It is only a few years ago that Rafiq el Hariri was assassinated and barely a few hours after his assassination the US and Zionist controlled media were already blaming Syria.  The pro-Syrian government in Lebanon resigned.   The US' fueled and financed "Cedar's 'revolution' " took place while world media... » read this article
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