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  • Paul Bocking , Waging Non-Violence

    Civil disobedience has halted production at Mexico’s “top grade producer of silver.” Farmers of the La Sierrita village, a close knit community of about 50 families, located 40 minutes north of the city of Gomez Palacio, Durango, have shut down the La Platosa mine owned by Canadian firm Excellon Resources... » read this article
  • Mark Weisbrot. The Guardian. , The Guardian

    With Peña Nieto's election marred by media bias and voter fraud, Mexico's ailing economy is hobbled by democratic deficit. The media rewrites history every day, and in so doing, it often impedes our understanding of the present. Mexico's presidential election of a week ago is a case in point. Press... » read this article
  • Paul Imison. Counterpunch , Counterpunch

    Editor's Note: The result of the recount was totally predictable ... and we predicted it. If they can rig an election, the same people in power (Washington-backed Calderon mafia) can surely rig a recount. - Les Blough, Editor Mexico City - Mexico could be forgiven for partying like it’s 2006.... » read this article
  • Dawn Paley , The Dominion

    SAN JOSE DEL PROGRESO, MEXICO—It's been almost three years since hundreds of people took direct action to temporarily shut down Vancouver-based Fortuna Silver's gold and silver mine near Oaxaca City, Mexico. Since then, the neighbouring community of San Jose del Progreso has been deeply divided and residents have faced a... » read this article
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