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  • Lisa McBride, News Editor , Axis of Logic

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered Israel's military to further intensify brutal attacks on Gaza citizens. The Israeli Air force is quite full of itself, bragging they have hit more targets during the past 48 hours than they did during the week-long offensive of November, 2012. The macabre hunt is... » read this article
  • Ahmad Jaradat , Alternative Information Center

    Since June 12, when three Israeli teenage settlers went missing north of Hebron, Israeli authorities have placed and kept the Hebron district under closure. 22 percent of the West Bank and 23 percent of its population were were thus set under a tight closure. Since June 12, when three Israeli... » read this article
  • Franklin Lamb, CounterCurrents , Information Clearing House

    One need not be prescient to understand the unfolding “Jihadi Spring” is fueling the plans and perhaps destiny of ascendant Islamists in this region with the increasing help of in-country nationalists, including remnants of the Iraqi Baath Party. This, according to more than a dozen ardent supporters of The Islamic... » read this article
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