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  • Dave Broad , Monthly Review

    A curious article recently appeared in Canada's Globe and Mail.  The authors are US economist Paul Romer and Octavio Sanchez, chief of staff to the President of Honduras.  They are promoting Romer's idea for "charter cities," in which Canada is invited to play a role in an ostensibly new model... » read this article
  • Luis E. Aguilar. Co-edited and translated by Colectivo Morazán , Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP)

    The manner in which people commute is another indicator of the structural violence lived every day by the working class in Honduras and throughout Latin America. Amid high prices, pollution, theft and immobility, grants are given to transport media owners and not to the user. Millions of people in Honduras... » read this article
  • Communications Associate , Witness for Peace

    The Organization of American States has readmitted Honduras to the association, two years after the military coup that led to widely disputed elections and deteriorating human rights conditions. The vote came just three days after deposed president Mel Zelaya's return to the country, a deal brokered primarily by the presidents... » read this article
  • Lisa Sullivan, Latin America Coordinator for SOA Watch , SOA Watch

    Excellent video report by Democracy Now! follows Lisa Sullivan's story This past Saturday, Fr. Roy Bourgeois and I accompanied President Manuel Zelaya back to his native Honduras, almost two years after a military coup led by SOA graduates removed him from his country at gunpoint. The short flight we took... » read this article
  • Alexander Main , Common Dreams

    Editor's Comment: There are some on the revolutionary left who tend toward a knee-jerk prejudgement of President Chávez for his political negotiations with Colombia's right-wing president, Juan Manuel Santos. We encourage them and others to read this analysis very carefully. Whatever else he might be wrongly accused of, Chávez is no fool and his... » read this article
  • Bill Quigley and Laura Raymond , Common Dreams

    Today, October 21, the democratic resistance in Honduras will celebrate Artists in Resistance Day. This event contrasts directly with today’s official recognition of Honduras Armed Forces day. The resistance, which is working for a truly democratic Honduras, renamed the day and created an alternative celebration because of a brutal police... » read this article
  • Karen Spring, Rights Action , Canadian Dimension

    The incredible pro-democracy resistance movement (known as the National Front of Popular Resistance-FNRP) has collected 1,269,142 million signatures (and counting) demanding a National Constituent Assembly (NCA) that will mark an important step in their struggle towards the refoundation of their society and their country. In the last 5 months, volunteers... » read this article
  • Rosemary A. Joyce and Russell N. Sheptak , Upside Down World

    Editor's Note: Update follows with the second article below. - LMB Wednesday, 09 June 2010 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the Organization of American States (OAS) annual meeting in Lima, Peru on Monday urged countries in the hemisphere to readmit Honduras into the regional organization. The OAS... » read this article
  • Roz Dzelzitis, Executive Director , May I Speak Freely Media

    Honduras News in Review—May 2010 May I Speak Freely Media June 3, 2010 Judges dismissed from posts in alleged political reprisal More resistance figures killed Resistance leader threatened anew Journalists remembered, abuse and intimidation continue Resistance leader kidnapped, escapes More repression in Aguán Union uncovers alleged list of assassination targets... » read this article
  • Joseph Huff-Hannon , Global Post

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Katia Lara and Carlos del Valle grabbed their cameras last June and started shooting: protesters gathered on the Tegucigalpa streets, soldiers firing live rounds into crowds. They filmed for five months, starting the day the Honduran military kidnapped then-President Manuel Zelaya and kicked him out of... » read this article
  • Hunger Strike Against Impunity , Proyecto Hondureño

    HUNGER STRIKE AGAINST IMPUNITY The Association of Judges for Democracy (AJD) come before the citizens of Honduras and the international community to manifest the following: The Judges of the Supreme Court decided May 5, 2010 to arbitrarily dismiss Judges Chévez Luis Alonzo de la Rocha, Ramon Enrique Barrios, Guillermo López... » read this article
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