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  • Patrick Martin , WSWS

    13 September 2012 The strike launched by 26,000 Chicago public school teachers is of vital importance to the working class throughout the United States and internationally. The World Socialist Web Site and the Socialist Equality Party stand shoulder to shoulder with the striking teachers and call on workers and young... » read this article
  • Patrick Martin , WSWS

    25 July 2012 There is a huge element of hypocrisy and self-serving sanctimony surrounding the announcement Monday by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) of severe sanctions against Pennsylvania State University for the cover-up of child sexual abuse involving longtime assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky was convicted last month... » read this article
  • Keith Jones, WSWS , World Socialist Web Site

    SPQ Libre (Trade Unionists and Progressives for a Free Québec)—an organization that serves as a mouthpiece for the trade union bureaucracy—has issued an open letter voicing hostility to the Québec student strike and the growing defiance of Bill 78 and promoting instead the return to power of the big business... » read this article
  • Richard Fidler, Socialist Worker , Socialist Worker

    With summer approaching, Québec students are being confronted by strategic questions--importantly, what comes next in the struggle, explains Richard Fidler. Despite massive mobilizations throughout Québec in opposition to Bill 78 and the government of Québec Premier Jean Charest, the student struggle is once again at an impasse. At the end... » read this article
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