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  • Jon Queally , Common Dreams

    Merely visiting privacy-related websites is enough for a user's IP address to be logged into an NSA database. Internet users who use online privacy tools or read certain websites may themselves become targets of NSA surveillance, according to a new investigation by public broadcasting outlets in Germany published on Thursday. Citing documents... » read this article
  • Corynne McSherry , Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Plenty of folks, from copyright lawyers to Internet entrepreneurs to investment bankers, have been watching the long-running legal battle between Viacom and Google/YouTube carefully, well aware that a decision in the case could have a profound effect on the future of the Internet. But most YouTube users probably haven't given... » read this article
  • Eva Bartlett , Inter Press Service

    "I've learned most of what I know about photo editing and graphic design via the Internet," says Emad, 27-year-old film-maker and editor. In Gaza, this sort of thing has become usual in a different way. "This programme isn't available here," he says, smiling triumphantly as he finishes downloading the latest... » read this article
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation , Press Release

    Washington, D.C. - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed suit today against the Department of Justice (DOJ), demanding records on three controversial PATRIOT Act surveillance provisions that expire early next year unless Congress renews them. EFF is seeking the immediate release of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports on the... » read this article
  • Glenn Chapman , Middle East Online/AFP

    Internet addresses written in Arabic are making history as the first online domains in non-Latin characters, with Chinese and Thai expected to follow close behind. "For the first time in the history of the Internet, non-Latin characters are being used for top-level domains," the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and... » read this article
  • Kurt Opsahl , Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Today, Google launched a fascinating new feature listing requests from government agencies for removal of content on Google and YouTube and for corresponding user information. Set up as a map, the Government Requests tool shows various countries around the world and lists the number of requests from that country between... » read this article
  • Jason Rosenbaum , Fire Dog Lake

    In the last few days, both the New York Times and noted digital activist Lawrence Lessig have joined the call for the FCC to reclassify broadband, which would once again allow the government to regulate the Internet in the face of hostile money-grubbing from big phone and cable companies after... » read this article
  • Kristen Saloomey , Al Jazeera

    University students have always been known for their activism, but I just met a group at Columbia University's School of Public Administration (SIPA) who are using technology to take it to a new level. They are volunteers who have been holed up in the basement of the school's library, despite... » read this article
  • Eddan Katz , Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Last week, the German Constitutional Court issued a much-anticipated decision, striking down its data retention law as violating human rights. It was an important victory for Europe’s Freedom Not Fear movement, which was formed to oppose the EU Data Retention Directive. But it was also a reminder of the political... » read this article
  • Declan McCullagh , Cnet

    Anyone with an e-mail account likely knows that police can peek inside it if they have a paper search warrant. But cybercrime investigators are frustrated by the speed of traditional methods of faxing, mailing, or e-mailing companies these documents. They're pushing for the creation of a national Web interface linking... » read this article
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