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The 2004 Elections
  • Ian Urbina and Christopher Drew , The New York Times

      After six years of technological research, more than $4 billion spent by Washington on new machinery and a widespread overhaul of the nation's voting system, this month's midterm election revealed that the country is still far from able to ensure that every vote counts.     Tens of thousands of voters, scattered... » read this article
  • Michael Parenti , ZNet

    The 2004 presidential contest between Democratic challenger Senator JohnKerry and the Republican incumbent, President Bush Jr., amounted toanother stolen election. This has been well documented by suchinvestigators as Rep. John Conyers, Mark Crispin Miller, Bob Fitrakis,Harvey Wasserman, Bev Harris, and others. Here is an overview of whatthey have reported, along... » read this article
  • ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. , Rolling Stone

    Like many Americans, I spent the evening of the 2004 election watching the returns on television and wondering how the exit polls, which predicted an overwhelming victory for John Kerry, had gotten it so wrong. By midnight, the official tallies showed a decisive lead for George Bush -- and the... » read this article
  • Uri Dowbenko and C. Gordon Tether , Conspiracy Planet, et. al.

     John Edwards: The Bilderberg Candidate (Revised)     by When you own all the ponies, you don't really care who wins the race. So it is with the US presidential elections in 2004. After his triumphant appearance at the Bilderberg Conference in Italy even the New York Times was gushing at the... » read this article
  • Arthur Shaw , Axis of Logic

    During the 2000 US presidential election, most Americans concluded that something was rotten in Florida. After the 2004 election, they believe something is rotten in the United States. During and before the 2004 election, GOP election officials -- chiefly county voter registrars and secretaries of state of the various states... » read this article
  • Dr. Werner Lange ,

    Pre-punched ballots; touch-screen vote switching;  more absentee votes than absentee voters; unfair provisional voter deletions;   change of voting sites on Election Day; voter suppression;  voter intimidation; double voting; malfunctioning machines; recalibrated machines; evidently rigged machines; and even 25 million negative votes registered in some races in Mahoning County! Those were... » read this article
  • Bernard Weiner ,

    In the weeks after November 2, I needed desperately to turn off the political TV that had been my brain for many months, so off I headed to Southeast Asia for some R&R. (My wife was helping build houses for the poor in a Habitat for Humanity project in Thailand,... » read this article
  • Nick Beams , WSWS

    December 10, 2004 -- The following speech was delivered by Nick Beams, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party in Australia and a member of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site, to a public meeting in Sydney on December 7.   In considering the outcome of... » read this article
  • Philip Greenspan ,

    As I predicted, my group, the eligible non-voters, far outnumbered the voters who chose Dubya. It wasn't much of a prediction -- it was a sure thing. Non-voters always outnumber the winning candidate. The public has been indoctrinated to believe that voting is democracy; that citizens select the people who... » read this article
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