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Venezuela's Ministry of Interior & Justice (MIJ) already has a clear indication of Danilo Anderson’s killers Printer friendly page Print This
By Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano w/ Axis of Logic ed. note
Monday, Dec 6, 2004

Editor's Note:   All homicides are extraordinary events, but the assassination of Danilo Anderson is one extraordinarily important homicide.  It is important because of his leading role in the prosecution of those responsible for the 2002 coup. It is important because the government of Hugo Chavez is a model for real democracy in the Western Hemisphere and ... a thorn in the eye of the Bush regime. This prosecution could be pivotal, in our opinion, as the Chavez government continues to fight off a U.S.-backed, well-moneyed opposition which continues acting out its deadly, 6 year temper tantrum ... refusing to accept the will of the Venezuelan people.  The wheels of justice in Venezuela are now steadily turning and Anderson's killers are being tracked down.  Their identities, their connections and those who back them will hopefully be revealed as the Ministry of Interior and Justice continues with the investigation.  Of one thing we can be certain - Anderson's assassins were not run-of-the-mill street thugs.  Given the explosive materials used to bomb his jeep, those already apprehended and the planning involved, there is more to this story than "just another homicide".  We thank Vanessa Marcano for this VHeadline news brief on the Anderson investigation.  - Les Blough, Editor


Venpres (Ylse Valera): Minister of Interior & Justice (MIJ), Jesse Chacon says that the perpetrators of Danilo Anderson’s murder have already been tracked down.

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Jesse Chacon

Chacon made the announcement during a children’s registration event  in Petare. “We have almost all the information we need, but we continue to carry out some additional searches, given the fact that there are two suspects who have not yet been arrested; we also need to be sure with regard to the participation of two Colombian citizens.”

The MIJ executive later said that the team’s reorganization to resolve the crime was expanded to include officers who participated in the Plaza Altamira, Vladimiro Montesinos and the Los Teques extortion cases.

Chacon explains that “those officers are being included in the investigation because they can give data concerning the group’s movements ... whave support for this case from a multidisciplinary commission led by the director of the National Crime Squad (CICPC) Marcos Chavez and we expect to have developed several hypotheses on the perpetrators in the next few weeks.”

Translated by Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano

En Espanol:

MIJ tiene precisado a autores del caso Anderson

Venpres (Ylse Valera): El Ministro del Interior y Justicia, Jesse Chacón expresó que ya se tienen precisados a los autores materiales del caso de Danilo Anderson.

Jesse Chacon

La información la dio a conocer Chacón este viernes 3 de diciembre, en un evento de presentación y registro de niños, niñas y adolescentes efectuado en el sector Cuatricentenario de Petare.

"Tenemos el círculo prácticamente cerrado, pero se están haciendo unas pesquisas adicionales, porque hay dos solicitados que aún no han sido detenidos, y también nos falta precisar si hubo participación de dos colombianos", dijo Chacón.

Expresó luego que la reorganización del equipo designado para solucionara el caso se debe a la inclusión de funcionarios que participaron en la resolución de los casos de Vladimiro Montesinos, Plaza Altamira y otro de extorsión en Los Teques.

El Ministro Chacón explicó que "los funcionarios que se están incorporando a la investigación pueden aportar datos del entorno en el cual se mueve este grupo".

"Hemos apoyado este caso con una comisión multidisciplinaria, dirigida por el director del Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas Penales y Criminalísticas, Cicpc, Marcos Chávez, y se espera que en pocas semanas ya se hayan establecido varias hipótesis sobre los autores intelectuales del asesinato", añadió Chacón.

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